Water Recycling Plant

The Qatra Water Recycling Plant is a unique facility in Sharjah where up to 5,000 cubic meter per day of Treated Water is enhanced at a very high quality close to potable standards.

Through Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis, impurities and salt (measured by the Total Dissolved Solids content or TDF) are removed to produce a water suitable for many industrial applications. This water is commonly named RO Water.

Below are some examples where it is used

District cooling

District cooling plants are heavy users of RO water thanks to its low TDS and chlorides which contribute to increase the number of water cycles and overall plant efficiency by maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces and avoiding scaling and corrosion.

  • Reduction of water cycles by more than 20%
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Lowest environmental footprint by using Qatra water and reducing energy consumption

Paper, textile, Chemical and lubricants industries

Qatra water perfectly meets requirements for industries producing metals, wood and paper products, chemicals, gasoline and oils. May it be for fabrication, process, washing, dilution, cooling, or even incorporation into a product; Qatra can supply large volumes of water with excellent quality parameters.

Ready-mix & Block manufacturing

It is essential to use low-salinity water to mix concrete in order to make a quality product. As salt or brackish water can cause dampness of the concrete, efflorescence (white deposits of precipitated salts on the surface of the concrete), increased risk of corrosion (rust) damage to embedded reinforcement, and damage to paint systems.

Qatra water is lab tested and highly recommended for ready mix companies to ensure best water – cement ratio. As good quality water with low TDS is one of the most important aspect when it comes to maintaining the strength of concrete.

Hydrostatic leak /Hydrostatic pressure testing (Hydro testing)

pH, chlorides and TDS are the three essential parameters when it comes to hydro testing. These parameters require to be very low to avoid corrosion or damage piping, vessels…before their commissioning.

Qatra water is used for following application on ships and barges:

  • Clean water for cleaning metal surface and other machinery to avoid corrosions.
  • Fire storage tanks
  • Barges balancing
  • Water ballasting – Required Low TDS and chloride water to get best results