Research and Development

Driven by the increasing water scarcity in the region, the high environmental cost of desalination and the unsustainable aquifer abstraction, the option to reuse Treated Water for applications beyond landscaping and irrigation becomes a necessity.

In 2018, Qatra, the University of Sharjah and the Sharjah Research Academy signed a Partnership Agreement to conduct a research program on Water Reuse with the objective to define a technical, social and legal framework 

for the development of Water Reuse in Industrial, Domestic and even Potable applications based on successful examples abroad.

The Private-Public-Academic collaboration underway allows the partnership to replicate the emerging best practices from other parts of the World in this area of Reuse and will ultimately ensure that Sharjah achieves leadership in the Region on Reuse of this valuable resource.

Research Topics

Applications of Water Reuse

Traditionally Treated Water is used in the UAE for landscaping and irrigation or discharged to the sea or lakes. But this water can be further enhanced to a higher quality that enables new applications. The research aims at identifying the different grades of applications, the relevant process treatments and finally check the economical feasibility (demand/supply).

Pharmaceuticals in Treated Water

The Municipal Wastewater contains traces of pharmaceutical products coming from the citizens consuming medication. What are the quantities contained in the Treated Water, which applications require to remove them and how? That’s the questions this research topic covers.

Brine Treatment

Any water cleaning process generates a brine water that contains high-salinity and By-Products. In the case of Treated Water this quantity is much less compared to desalination plant thanks to an already low level of salt in the incoming water. However, what are the best solutions to further reduce this brine volume.

Aquifer Storage and Recovery

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) is the most advanced and proven way abroad to produce drinking grade water out of Treated Water. It is also a way to store strategic reserves of water that can be used in exceptional situations. This complex subject is mobilizing the essential of our research resources with the aim to setup a pilot by end of 2020.

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